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SEUL: FAQ is being updated.

Hi.  I'm a relatively new recruit to SEUL, so I don't know all the ropes
yet.  Roger wrote to me the other day to let me know I was on this list
and to just start working on whatever it was that needed working on.
Well, I noticed how sadly out-of-date the SEUL FAQ has become, so I'm
trying my best to revamp it to reflect the changes in SEUL's direction and
goals.  In specific, I'm removing most of the references to SEUL as a
distribution and changing around information to reflect SEUL as no longer
producing a distribution, but instead helping to make Linux more
accessible and friendly to the end user.

Anyways, I'm bringing this up because I wanted to let everyone know that
I'm working on it and I'd appreciate input.  I've altered stuff down
through section four of the FAQ.  Most of it looks somewhat the same, with
new questions and answers provided.  In specific, I've implemented the
following changes thus far:

Section 2- Altered to reflect that SEUL isn't about a distribution

Section 3- Changed almost entirely.  No longer a section about SEUL's
target audience, but instead about what an end-user is, problems end-users
encounter with Linux, and why an increased number of Linux end-users is

Section 4- Mostly alterations to "look and feel" of this section.  Again,
I worked out the idea that SEUL is a distribution (or any single product,

I've really had to delete section 5.  It was discussing issues of
distribution, and seemed sort of redundant.

Anyways, most of this editing was did in one sitting and is far from being
done.  I got to about section 5 and started realizing that this document
needs a LOT of work.  If anyone out there would like to help me on my
endeavour, just speak up.  I don't know much about CVS or the way our file
permissions are set up, but I'm certain anyone can at least look at what I
have thus far and help out.

My home directory is /home/cuplan, and the directory I keep my SEUL stuff
in is /home/cuplan/work.  I'm sure everyone can find the faq from there.
Its full path is /home/cuplan/work/seul/pub/public_html/docs/faq.html

I invite any feedback or help or whatever else.


J. Rhett Aultman (Cuplan)