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RE: Welcome to Asimba.com and dsoftco@chat.ru thanks you!


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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 6:30 PM
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Subject: Welcome to Asimba.com and dsoftco@chat.ru thanks you!

Thanks for signing up with Asimba.com, the premier resource for living a
healthy and active lifestyle.

We have informed dsoftco@chat.ru that you entered their email address as
your referral to Asimba.com. Now they are one step closer to earning their
FREE fleece.

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* Training Programs via Email and Handheld Devices
* Online Training Log
* Personal Weight Loss Coach
* Articles by Fitness Experts

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Receive a cool Asimba fleece vest for free. It's as easy as signing up and
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Thanks again for joining Asimba.com.


Scott Hublou