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Re: list o' importants

In a message dated 98-07-02 13:28:28 EDT, hv wrote:

 This sounds good to me. 
 But, which languges are needed? 
 My selection: 
 English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French, Hindi 

 I guess I had in mind all written languages. Perhaps Unicode support would do

 Another thought on multiuser occurred while reading the following from The
Linux - GGI Project "Thus, it is not only possible to have multiple virtual
consoles but also ( in conjunction with multiple displays ) to have several
real consoles.". Could one add a second video card, terminal, keyboard and
mouse ( USB I guess ), multiuser OS that supports it and get a sub $500
computer. We have two computers and looking into a third. We also have five
monitors. perhaps someone could enlighten me on this.