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Re: list o' importants, some answers to Roger's questions

I wanted  to get right back with what I could answer off the top of my

> > * telephony
> is this using your computer (and net connection) to make phone calls?
> this should be clarified.
> > * multimedia

> games, graphics manipulation, sound, or all of these all at once? Should
> split further? Or is it already covered in earlier "what do you want to use
> your computer for" sections?

 telephony(integrating computers and communications)
 multimedia(integrating computers and audio/video)
 This is the wintel vision of integrating everything.
 I am combing my 8 notebooks and will elaborate on these two as
 soon as possible. 

> > * security C2
> No end-user is going to know what a C2 certification is (i think). Either
> we should ditch this question because it's already covered in other security
> questions below, or we should provide a lot of description and explanation
> here (i vote former).
> Also, I believe C2 certification may well involve more than the OS itself,
> but also the environment in which it's run -- 24 hour trained network
> people, etc. (But don't quote me on this.)

 Rationale: I believe this is the basis for the Linux is insecure compared
 to NT argument. 
> > * encryption
> encryption of data on the hard drive, encryption of data on the network?

 I was thinking of encryption of data over the internet.
 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) the encryption standard for digital

> > * I2O support
> Is this that peripheral bus standard that Microsoft is pushing? I've
> only barely heard of it. I guess this means we should probably expand
> every acronym in here, for people who haven't heard of them...
 Intelligent input/output (I2O) support
 It consists of a peripheral processor like Intel's 960 to off-load
 the main CPU for input/output along with software conforming
 to the Microsoft controlled SIG standard. I have seen even
 low-end systemboard manufacturers trouting that their boards
 are I2O ready.

> > * Unicode support
> How widespread is unicode? Does microsoft support it?

 Still researching this one too.

 Pete, I saw your post. I'll get back to you this weekend.