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Re: demographics draft

In message <7bb8eef.35b00c81@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>I have some time tonight and thought I would try and see if I could
>be helpful. Unfortunately I've got more questions than answers. 
>It appears that the terms need to be defined. Don't think I've been
>too helpful.

Everything counts. Thanks. :)

>> Some questions in this section will be different depending on the user-type
>> answering the questions (home or large business)
>> Home: How many computers does your household have? 0 1 2 3 4 5+
>Does household computers include home business computers. The
>computer I'm presently using belongs to a home business. In other
>words our household has two computers both belonging and primarily
>used in a home business. I already see how complex this can get.
>Since there is more work than two people can do, work is farmed
>out to other people to do on their home computer. Now what do their
>computers become home or business. Also different people come in
>here and do work on the computer as well as take work home to do.

Yes, household computers include home business computers. How many
computers are there in your place that you compute in.

>Also somebody brings their own laptop and does work here.

Ack. Ick. Ugh. Laptops I guess need to count too. And that reminds
me, I forgot to put in the "do you use a laptop?" question(s) in section
3 of the demographics.

>> Business: How many computers do you personally have? 0 1 2 3 4 5+
>Does this mean
>How many computers do you use at work or
>How many computers does your business have.

you personally. how many computers are assigned to you at work. most
people will get 0 or 1 unless they're in a programming/graphics/whatever

>> Home: How many people use it/them? 
>Does 'how many' include people outside the household or just people in
>the household. Also what does household mean. We're working out of
>two houses.

everybody. but we should probably amend this to "how many people use it
regularly?" we just have to make sure they define regularly so they don't
answer 0. :)