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Re: Initial survey discussions

First of all, arma: Can you get majordomo to add a reply-to line
pointing to the list? I almost sent this to you personally my mistake.

> I think that one big problem is that
> people don't care or even know so much about OSs but applications!
> It is difficult to get knowledge what people wanted in an OS, because they
> don't so much realize the whole thing...

THe sign of good cinematography or video editing is that you don't
notice it. The same is true, IMO, of OSs This may cause seul in general
a problem: How do you explain to somebody that linux is a different OS
if they don't know what an OS is? I know a number of people who think of
Win95 as 'the computer'. But that's probably off-topic for this list.

>  The problem with any
> "voluntary response" type survey is that you'll find your results are
> skewed toward the interests/opinions of people most inclined to
> respond.
This is very true, but I'm not sure it's actually much of a problem for
us. ANY people not currently using linux who start using it is good, so
as long as the responses are from non-linux users they're useful - it
doesn't really matter if they're not from a representative sample
(althought that would be nice).

> But that presents a much more difficult problem of survey distribution --
> it's really tough to get the survey to the end-users themselves, since they
> don't live on newsgroups and monitor mailing lists.
This will present more of a problem for getting peoiple to use an actual
distro. For the survey, if everyone on the seul lists were to persuade a
few non-linux people they know to fill it in, there would be loadsa
responses. And without thinking about it too much, probably a fair
cross-section, with one important exception: an online survey
(presumably the only kind we can do without lots of money) will only
reach those with net access!!!

> Otherwise you end up writing your own parsing code for
> the CGI or response-mailer data you get.  This is my current headache
> (I'm trying to learn Perl by doing this project).
Somebody write the CGI, and I'll do the web page to front it...(me, take
the easy job? nah...)


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