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SEUL: LUSTd for the Seul project

Dana M. Diederich wrote:

> Now there are some pit-falls: first, you have to tell people
> beforehand that this program is going to collect stats.  That's
> going to make them wary of course.  So the initial 'packaging' is
> important.  Also, this would miss a fairly small, but well
> defined chunk of your target audience: people who don't play with
> screen savers.  I really don't think it'll be a large piece, but I
> do think that it will be an important piece.
     True. Mind you, there is a precedence for 'working' screen savers
(which carry out some additional task other than screen saving) - A
large american organization (SETI?) has (or is working on it) a screen
saver which will download a 'chunk' of satellite data and will crunch it
while the machine is idle. Better yet, I understand that they want to
charge folks for the use of the program!

     Seems to me though that we're starting to see two avenues opening
up for the group: the online user survey and the user monitoring
project. IMO, both of these projects are worth pursuing as they will
both provide needed information which we couldn't otherwise get.



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