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Re: SEUL: draft survey: v.0.001

I've set up the seul-research website (http://www.seul.org/research/)
and soon this draft will live there.

Ok. Somebody's gotta be the first one to put these issues into
questions. The following is wrong, but it's a starting point. Correct
me. :) And I also stopped partway through because I got sidetracked
reading http://aachen.heimat.de/alug/fragebogen2/fragebogen_results2.html
Hopefully I'll unsidetrack myself in a bit.

In message <358924BE.83AEB4D4@iname.com>, pete_st_onge@iname.com writes:
>[User Demographics]
>     Experience with OS, which OS used, how long, what uses
>OS's. Plural. I'm curious about experience and uses of all sorts of
>os's -- linux, dos, os/2, win31, win95, winnt, mac, other unix (should
>we just lump them? probably not quite that much.) User info will also
>include name, email address (contact info), age, profession, income (?),

section: experience

1. I consider myself to be a [exclusive: dos, win31, win95, winnt, mac,
os/2, linux, other unix, other] user.

2. I have used this operating system for how long? [exclusive: <1month,
<6months, <1year, >1year]

3. I have experience with the following operating systems: [checkany:
dos, win31, win95, winnt, mac, os/2, linux, other unix]

I'd like to ask question 2 about all operating systems they have
experience with. But I don't want to get too bulky.

section: user profile

1. name (optional): string
2. email address (optional): string
3. age: exclusive: [under 10, 10-15, 15-18, 18-21, 21-25, 25-35, >35]
  (these good?)
4. profession: exclusive: (options?)
5. income (optional): exclusive: <$10k, 10k-20k, 20k-30k, 30k-50k, 50k-100k, >100k
  (should we do 'household income'? what's standard here?)
  (should we care that we're being US-centric?)
6. education level, and specialization (if applicable)
7. missing anything?

>[Operating System]
>How important is:
dialin to an isp
dialin to an isp automatically
(or more generally, auto-setup network connection, whatever it may be)

  how do you connect to the network?
  (i don't, ethernet, ppp/slip, dialup (shell))

>[System Utilities]
> Uses: Which of these are important / not important
>   being able to scan for viruses?
>   being able to scan (with up to date virus info) for viruses?

we need to put something here about not having viruses in the
first place, due to real security (eg unix).

>   being able to defragment your hard drive?

same. ext2 defrags as it goes, so you never have to do it manually

>   being able to make a backup of your system?
>   being able to make backup copies of large data files?

something luka suggested:
another thing you might add into "etc" is file sharing protocol
(windows, mac, nfs, afs, floppy disk...)
[or you could actually ask that as a useful free standing q anyway.]
[supported file sharing protocols, i guess]