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Re: Doc update, 0x020 update summary

> This is all I can think of for Office productivity. From your post
> it isn't clear if this is all you want or whether you want the rest
> of the software items expanded.
     I would dearly like to see the software items expanded, because
this is probably the most important part of the survey - we want this
section to be as complete as possible. We may see that the software part
is quite complex, and large, but that could be a Good Thing.

> I see you added sound processing. What about video processing. I
> have a use for it today.
     Will add it. With digital video becoming very affordable, it's only
a matter of time before it becomes a commonplace activity on the average
desktop. As for sound, there was an interesting article in the recent
Linux Journal (Sept 98, Issue 53, pp40-42).

> Concerning the word processing features:
> A word processing program which does not have a multiple auto
> correct feature is totally worthless to us. We currently use Word 6.
> Word 7 is useless as it has only a single auto correct. I suppose
> one could consider us to be a speciality user.
     I'm not quite sure what you mean. The problem with different
applications is the different terminology used to describe the same

> I remember you mentioned wordperfect 8 I believe. By any chance do
> you know if it has multi auto corrects.
     I'm not quite sure as to what you're getting at with 'multiple
auto-correct'; I know if the spell-as-you-go feature feature which will
give you spelling options based on words in the user and main
dictionaries, and the QuickCorrect and QuickWords will allow for the
correction of frequenly misspelt words as well as expanding short forms
(I use this particularly when using symbols, so that I can get away with
reducing the number of keypresses: 

CJFAS becomes Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci.
(d    becomes C 

...which becomes important when you've got six or seven pages of
references which need to be done consistantly! :-)
     You might also be interested to know that Corel is currently
releasing Suite 8 to LINUX (Suite 7 is already available). Nice to see
that Corel is taking Linux seriously. This also means that I have one
less reason NOT to use Linux. Yayyyy!
     You mentioned voice recognition earlier, Bob. No news yet if Dragon
NaturallySpeaking will ship with Suite 8 for Linux. I have the academic
bundle with Suite 8 for 95/NT, and after some stability problems (which
seem to have been resolved) I find the speech->text interface works
quite nicely.
     I'm sorry if this doesn't answer your question - please let me know
and I'll do my best to find a better answer in the documentation on this

     BTW, I'll be leaving town for a few days, so there is a good chance
that I won't be able to get the 0x021 update up until Monday. That said,
PLEASE feel free to swamp my mail box with your suggestions for
features, etc, to add to the software section. Again, this could make
the section swell considerably, but we can always pare down the list


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