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Re: looking at the survey (hardware)

More comments...

> Hardware:
>   - Plug-and-Play (PnP) support in hardware
> unimportant
    Yeah, this should be a given.

>   - Support for USB
> unimportant
     I'm not sure on that - is it a given that this is already
supported  under linux, or would this support be provided solely by

>   - Support for FireWire
> unimportant, i guess. never heard of it.
     USB-like connection, similar speed to SCSI. It isn't exactly
common, though.

>   - Multi-processor support (the computer can use multiple CPUs at
> once)
> important.
> Wait a minute -- how did this question end up in a hardware section?
> The original intent of it was "how important is it for Linux to
> support SMP?"  Now it's asking about motherboard firmware/bios smp
> support? This isn't asking what I originally wanted.
     Hmm. Okay, I'm unclear on where it should go.

>   - Speed of graphics rendering
> important. it should be fast, but it's not like i play quake or
> anything.

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