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Re: looking at the survey (UI)

Hi Pete,

  - Multiple-languages (support for several languages)
Pete writes:
>   Not from where I'm typing: it's critical, or at least Very
>Important. Reason: a large part of the world's population has a first
>language other than english. Some of the distros already have docs in
>japanese, and quite a number folks in the *.fr domain (among others)
>have had an important influence on the development of linux. Also, many
>of my colleagues here in Quebec, although bilingual to varying degrees
>(just as my french isn't perfect) are far more comfortable in french.
>Why not? http://www.linux-quebec.org is a good example of how pumped
>folks are on linux, even if it isn't in their first language - having a
>french UI, for example, would likely result in a boost to usage here.

Absolutely. Out here in the State of Washington the school system is faced
with the problem of dealing with non-English speaking students in 109
different languages. As Alan Cox said, when someone says English is not
my first language, there is a translator. Granted for me 'multiple-languages'
is unimportant (as I answered the question) since I only know English.
However I've reached the point where I believe unicode support is absolutely
essential. Right around me I know bilingual people in German, Portuguese,
Korean... Anyway the question is important even if its not important to some
of us.