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Re: looking at the survey (hardware)

More and more comments...
Here's the issues on PnP as I see them. good for Windows bad for Linux
Red Hat has some tools for PnP. What problems are people going to have who
have PnP computers and want to go to Linux? What do people do who are getting
a new computer and need to dual boot Linux and Windows?

USB and FireWire:
These are being used in high end applications. The users are savvy people who
could easily go to Linux. This is why I have been pushing emerging
technologies. Inaky Perez Gonzalez is working on USB
http://peloncho.fis.ucm.es/~inaky/USB and Emanuel Pirker was asking for help
on IEEE-1394 (FireWire). http://www.edu.uni-klu.ac.at/~epirker/ieee1394.html I
have seen no activity on FireWire lately. This is why I have suggested having
help wanted ads to point people to places where they can make a real
contribution. These are critical technologies. Every motherboard now comes
with two USB ports. I just read an article where the author selected a
particular high end motherboard because it had a 1394 port which he needed for
a video editing application. These application vendors are not going to port
to Linux. No one could use the apps. These end users are the technology
people. Those who are currently prime candidates for Linux. When I read Alan
Cox's article, the question I asked was why did he write it. I believe he sees
the necessity of getting many more people involved. I also believe SEUL could
position itself to play a crucial role.