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Re: 0x023 summary

I've looked over the Survey and I see 'Software - CHANGED - NEEDS WORK'. It
would be helpful to know more specifically what needs to be done. Also
concerning adding, changing, deleting, we should consider more precisely how
we are going to use the survey. I've been assuming that the link for taking
the survey will be on the SEUL home page. How will the survey results
influence what SEUL does. Currently we're getting to a mock-up of a new SEUL
home page. The mock-up presently has an item, button, whatever it's called
labeled Survey Coming Soon. Is there a way to get from this button to a trial
run on the survey. We could get a dozen or so people to take the trial survey,
look at the results and ask, what do we do with them, for the purpose of
understanding if we've got the right questions. Finally we need to look over
the suggestions from Karsten and Tom. I also looked at the alternate page. As
far as I am concerned you can delete the top part on ADSL, Emerging
Technologies and Multimedia. I would like to keep the part 'from Karsten' as I
have some ideas for it. However the three lines '> - Application area' thru
'analysis' can go. Is there some way I can work on enhancing some of these
like the Software Info or the Educational stuff so that it can easily be put
back without your retyping it. For example, can I cut out what I want to work
on and paste it into an editor, edit it and email it back. If you cut it out
of the email and paste it back into the alternate page will things work or
will they be messed up. If it will work and your willing what do we need to
agree on like tabs, spaces, letting the text wrap around as opposed to
returns, etc.