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[seul-sci] Updated links page and new report #4

Now that the Linux Expo Ameriques conference is over and I didn't embarass
myself too much during my talk, I've finally been able to update much of the
SEUL/sci site. I'm happy to report that our links page ...


     ... is alive and well, and looking for suggestions for more links and
categories. I spent the bulk of the day working on this and the current
Linux in Science report. Matias Mutchinick from this list is involved with
an effort to produce a specially-focused RH6.2 distro for students in a
engineering / scientific program at his University.

     I've departed somewhat from the format of previous reports in that I am
trying to summarize the discussion on seul-sci as part of the report. One
issue that I haven't yet discussed is the expense of commericial tools
versus the sometimes incomplete or incompatible nature of some open source
applications. Looking forward to discussing this more, I hope to add this to
the next Linux in Science report.

     In passing, we re-entered some of the web pages into CVS because of
some problems we were running into, so you may notice a page here or there
that doesn't load. Please do mention it on the list - we'll take care of it

     Thanks! More shortly...


Pete St. Onge