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[seul-sci] Updated pages...

I've recently updated the seul-sci links page so that it contains the links 
from the first nine Linux in Science reports. It is accessible from the 
seul-sci fronpage or at http://www.seul.org/sci/links.html

Recent Linux in Science reports have focused on tools for writing. Although 
I'm waiting on a couple of people to see if they wish to write a 'guest 
spot' for an upcoming report, the next feature (in two weeks) will deal with 
research graphics. For this, I would really like to be able to refer to 
screenshots, graphic images or graph images made with Linux software that 
have been put into peer reviewed articles, or similar reports (theses, 
dissertations, etc.), especially from work done by the seventy or so members 
of this list.

I think it would be an excellent demonstration that Linux is *already* a 
good platform for research, as well as exposure to the various research 



Pete St. Onge