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[seul-sci] Goings-on at SEUL/sci


After a rather long period of enforced dormancy, I'm glad to be finally back
to working on SEUL/sci.

As I wrote last night, I posted Linux in Science report number 6. Thanks to
Bernhard Reiter for his email about the freegis.org portal, and I look
forward to seeing how the site continues to develop. Are there any comments
or reaction to software offered on that site? 

Another project that's been lurking is to see wherther X-terminals represent
a viable approach to providing research computing resources.
A colleague recently handed me an all-in-one motherboard (on board sound,
video and network) which is able to boot over the network, which should in
theory completely obviate the need for a boot rom. The goal will be to build
a working X-terminal upon which all software would normally run. Of course,
the steps taken will be documented. Has anyone already taken this approach,
and if so, could you expound on your experiences to the list?

That's about it for now. More to come after this weekend's conference.

Cheers and thanks,


Pete St. Onge