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Re: [seul-sci] [Fwd: Credit where credit is due]

>>>>> "R" == Robert Hopcroft <hopcroft@qwest.net> writes:

    R> I would like to see RMS realize that the GPL extends to
    R> information in general and bring out a license covering all
    R> forms of digital information from documentation to
    R> audio/video. Soon all digital forms will be integrated.  I feel
    R> this is were his real contribution lies.

This is the new Free Document License --- applying the GPL to
non-software proved problematic for certain sections regarding
modifications; the FDL allows for invarient sections which can be
annotated but not altered, which makes more sense for free scientific
and literary information.

Another option is the Open Content License and the Open Publishing
License from www.opencontent.org --- These were originally conceived
for protecting datasets and may be even more useful for science. This
is what we use to govern our public documents and websites.

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