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[seul-sci] Continuing SIGCUE

SIGCUE is ACM Special Interest Group in Computer Uses in Education.

As SICGCUE subscriber, I have just received a letter from ACM-SIGCUE 
director, James K. Hightower, announcing his intention to dissolve SIGCUE,
due to unavailability of volunters to take leadreship positions
in that SIG.

You can get some info about SIGCUE at the url: 

For continuing SIGCUE mission, a plan should be presented to the SIG 
Governing Board Executive Commitee, by august 15.

In my opinion, it is well worth trying rescueing SIGCUE.
Maybe somebody on this list could be interested in countinuing that
group, or maybe better, a special group in SEUL/Sci or /Edu could be 
established aimed at presenting a plan within the deadline.

Paolo Pumilia
---- cstc -