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[seul-sci] SEUL/sci report: addendum

Here's another open source project for the report:

SIMPL is the Synchronous Interprocess Messaging Project for Linux, at

From: Robert Findlay <fcsoft@netcom.ca>
> I noticed the launch of your new site with interest.   Many of us at the
> SIMPL open source project (www.holoweb.net/~simpl) have been involved
> with engineering applications using the commercial QNX OS for many years.
> The SIMPL project aims to bring the Send/Receive/Reply messaging paradigm
> first popularized by such RTOS's as QNX to the Linux community.
> While SIMPL in and of itself does not constitute a Scientific or
> Engineering application,  it most certainly can be used as the basis of
> many such applications.

A substantial amount of work has already been done, in the form of a library
of messaging primatives, and tools based on those messaging primatives.