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[seul-sci] Introduction

Introducing myself:

I'm 27 years old, living in France. I have completed my studies about 3 years
ago, and I'm working in the area of aeronautics. I've been a fan of Linux since
1994, but not until recently have I been able to introduce Linux in my work, in
the form of HTTP/SQL server. That's why I've started to develop gASQL, which
aims at being a nice frontend to relational databases, not unlike access.

I've suscribed to that list mainly because I'm interested in scientific stuff,
and this is a way of being up to date with new ideas,...

Wishing all of you participating to the Linux and Free Software (GPL) a bright


Vivien Malerba

PS: gASQL can now be found at http://malerba.linuxave.net
and my new e-mail adress is malerba@linuxave.net