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RE: [seul-sci] Re: Introductions

On 28-Mar-00 Pete St. Onge wrote:

>  I'm really happy to see from the introductions that we all come from a
>  varied set of backgrounds - Computer Engineering, Atmostpheric Research,
>  VLSI, Physics, and Aeronautics, Network Operations and Physical Limnology.
>  Those of you who haven't yet introduced yourselves, please do!

OK; I'm around 33, finishing my PhD in physics (plasma physics). Linux is my
primary OS since 1993 - 0.99pl11 (anybody remembers the SLS distribution? :-)).
I maintain Grace (was Xmgr before) - http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/.

>  Miguel brings up the topic of a numerical library for Linux. I found that
>  the coordinator of the SAL site, Herng-Jeng Jou, has what appears to be a
>  fairly detailed plan (http://www.KachinaTech.COM/~hjjou/scilib/) for such a
>  monster.

Unfortunately, this has been a waporware for years. I suggest you to take a look
at GSL instead (http://sourceware.cygnus.com/gsl/). For a reason the project is
not widely known yet.



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