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Re[2]: [seul-sci] Re: Introductions (GSL/Grace)

"Pete St. Onge" <pete@seul.org> wrote:

>  I had a look at the Grace web site this morning, and what I've seen so far
>  is very impressive. Seems to me that this programs nicely fills the niche
>  for WYSIWYG-based plotting tool. I'm going to download it shortly and give
>  it a try. In the meanwhile, could you tell us a little more about the
>  program? 

Well, that's why I mentioned the web home of it :). Docs, screenshots etc are
there. Basically, it's a 2D WYSIWYG plotting tool, more or less like, say,
Origin for Win*.

>  > Unfortunately, this has been a waporware for years. I suggest you to
>  > take a look at GSL instead (http://sourceware.cygnus.com/gsl/). For a
>  > reason the project is not widely known yet.
>       Good point. It's strange taht it isn't better known, as it is already
>  on SAL (http://SAL.KachinaTech.COM/B/0/GSL.html) and the record appears to
>  be up to date. It is nice to see that such a beast exists, however. Have you
>  had any experience using it?

A bit, I became aware of it only a couple months ago. I'm using special random
number generators from the library.



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