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Re: [seul-sci] Introduction

Hello Danilo

On 30 Mar, Danilo Gonzalez Hashimoto wrote:
> Hello people over there!
> 	I'm 19 years old, studying Computer Sciences in little city of São Carlos, Brazil. 
>I'm a bit green when it comes to either programming or researching. 
>I use Linux since 1998, with RedHat and Conectiva(brazilian) distros.  
>My main interest in Seul Science Project is that I work in a Chemical Lab 
>where I am responsible for the Windows -> Linux Transition.

Great, somebody wanting to go to Linux!!!! How did you guys get to that

> 	I have some problems to do it, however. 
> First of all, my lab has seven researchers, 56 post-graduation students, 
> 105 sci/tech projects running, and -- believe me -- a HUGE amount of (guess what) 
> MS windows data. For MS windows data I mean data analysed or published with winndows-only apps.


> 	Secondly, I have to find a alternative program for data analisis, wich, hopefully, 
> opens our old Microcal Origin data.
> 	I have a huge respect for Grace. However, I can't adopt it for three reasons, 
> wich I see in many sci projects(and others, like LyX): user inteface, 
> environment interaction and reuse of windows-data:

This will be difficult I belive. I think that the best interactive
plotting program in UNIX is Grace, so if that does not fit you, nothing
else will :=(

Reusing MS made data will probably be a headache, they are well reknown
for abusing standards from others. Probably the best way is to export
it to plain ASCII files.

> 	I believe scriptability and CLI are both power tools, but trainning near 
> fifty chemists in something they are better than me(but they used to do it in another program), 
> would be impossible. 

This will be a major headache
for you and for your users. You need recicling if you want to use Linux.
The environment is totally different, not necessarily difficult, but
different. And the most important aspect of all, the programs are
different. Note that I am NOT saying that you have to use
a CLI, but even if you use a GUI you will need a change.
I advice you NOT to make the transition to Linux unless you have good
enough reasons to do so and most important,
everybody understands the reasons for the transition and will
be able to cope with differences and some difficulties.
You will NOT find an environment exactly the same as the Windows
one, DON'T expect that. There are programs that do the same task,
but they are not the same!

> 	The second reason, environment interaction, is also a top. 
> Yesterday, one of our chief researchers said that a great advantage of 
> Word/origin use is that, if you just double click a graphic in word, 
> it would open origin and your data. I just agree with him.

Again, you will have to wait for KDE 2, GNOME, or something like it.
If this is the type of comments you get from your chiefs, forget
the transition to Linux, he will always remember you that he cannot
double-click here and get what he wants.

> 	- WinOld-data: has anybody ever heard: "Looks good. Can I open my word docs with it?"

The only non-Microsoft format I know that works on Microsoft programs
correctly is GIF images.

Sorry for being so negative, believe me, I would love that all your Lab
changes to Linux, but from my experience, unless they fully admit they
NEED to change and they are ready for some problems and a learning curve
(not necessarily steep) do not change to Linux.
Or at least get the things straighten out first.
Maybe the best thing is that you look for whatever programs
you find for Linux (one for drawing and another one
for document typing) and show them how it will be and
maybe put everybody on a test before you decide to change.

I know this is VERY negative, but I hope this helps you!!!!

Xavier Calbet