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Re: [tor-dev] [tor-reports] Tom's November 2014

On 01/12/14 02:34, Tom Ritter wrote:
> With my shiny new ldap I got access to a user and official repo for
> Depictor [0][1].  Not sure how I'll manage the difference.  The code
> for depictor is in both of them.

Hi Tom,

here's how I use official and user repos for my code:

 - The official repo contains what's deployed on the server, in its
master branch.  There are usually no other branches than master in that
repo, though there would be for different version branches, or in the
case of DocTor the old Java branch.  I never rebase the master branch in
the official repo.

 - The user repo has feature branches that I'm working on.  For example,
the feature branch for #23456 would be called task-23456, or
task-23456-2, -3, etc. when I rebase that branch or mess with history in
some other way.  The user repo has no master branch, because that would
be out of date most of the time anyway.  I sometimes delete branches
after they're merged into the official master branch, if I'm sure that
nobody would base their work on those branches.

There may be better approaches to using official vs. user repos, but
maybe this is useful as a first data point for you.  The Githax repo may
contain more ideas:


All the best,

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