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Re: [tor-dev] Proposal draft: Better hidden service stats from Tor relays

"A. Johnson" <aaron.m.johnson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi George,


> I recommend a change to the way that these statistics are
> obfuscated. The problem is that new noise is used every day, and from
> the distribution of the reported bins, the exact location within the
> bin (assuming the stat stats constant) can be reported.

Assuming that the underlying value is constant and since our Laplace
distribution is public, the adversary can observe which bin is
reported each time and get a probability distribution for the
underlying value.

This indeed seems plausible under the powerful assumption that the
underlying stat is constant.

> So instead of this
>>                   +--------------+    +--------------------+
>>   actual value -> |additive noise| -> |round-up obfuscation| -> public statistic
>>                   +--------------+    +ââââââââââ+
> I recommend that you flip the order, so that it is like this
>                   +--------------+    +--------------------+
>   actual value -> |round-up obfuscation| -> |additive noise| -> public statistic
>                   +--------------+    +ââââââââââ+
> âAdditive noiseâ in the context of bins is actually just a distribution over bins. You can think of it in two ways:
>   1. Add Laplace noise to the bin center, and then report the bin of the resulting number.

Hm, you mean something like this, right?

                   +--------------+    +--------------------+    +--------------+
   actual value -> |   binning    | -> |  addditive noise   | -> |   binning    | -> public statistic
                   +--------------+    +ââââââââââ----------+    +--------------+

where the additive noise is applied to the center of the first bin?

I can see how this is better, since the underlying value gets
immediately smoothed by binning. However, it does give me a weird
hacky feeling...

Is this construction something that has been used before?

Thanks for the feedback!

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