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[tor-dev] Damian's Status Report - December 2014

Hi all! Tis that time of year coal appears in all my sox so guess it's time
for a status report. This month I set arm aside to polish improvements that
accumulated in the Stem 1.3 release...


There were a lot of small tweaks, but the highlights for this month were...

Hidden Service Tutorial

By a bit of serendipity I came across a nice article by Jordan Wright for
spinning up hidden services with Stem...


Federico Ceratto and Patrick O'Doherty have been improving our hidden service
support, so I spruced up their contributions and wrote a tutorial of our own
that demos it...


Gentoo Support

Thanks to Anthony Basile Stem is now packaged for Gentoo. Installing is as
simple as...

  % emerge stem

I've been delighted at how many Gentoo people have jumped out of the woodwork
to help. toralf worked with me on ticket #13904 to address testing issues, and
Manuel took on Stem 1.3 packaging the same day as its release - thanks guys!


Couple other quick things of note is that I updated our OpenHub repository
listing so it includes most of our newer projects...


... and trimmed membership of our internal lists.

Cheers! -Damian
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