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Re: [tor-relays] help w/ Debian: Error binding network socket: Address already in use

Am 04.04.2011 16:56, schrieb Roger Dingledine:
> Actually, we only use SO_REUSEADDR when binding listening sockets. The
> errors you're seeing are likely because you can't open a new socket
> for an outbound connection. And we don't use SO_REUSEADDR when creating
> outbound sockets: see connection_connect().
> We also don't set SO_REUSEADDR on the new socket we make after receiving
> connections on a listening socket: see connection_handle_listener_read().
> I don't know what behavior to expect, but I would not be surprised
> to learn that we should set it in both of these cases too. Worth
> experimenting.

Certainly I'm willing to take part in this experiment. It might be a
good idea if a more experienced programmer than I am does the coding.

regards Olaf
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