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[tor-talk] Cipherspaces/Darknets: An Overview Of Attack Strategies

I sent this out as just an animation test awhile back, this one has narration an is about 1hr long. This is essentially the talk I gave at Defcon 19, but I had a little more time to cover the topic in this canned video:


Darknets/Cipherspaces such as Tor and I2P have been covered before in great detail. Sometimes it can be hard to follow attack strategies that have been used against them as the papers written on the topic have been academic and abstract. What this talk will attempt to do is step back and give an overview of the topic in a manner hopefully more conducive to the understanding of security practitioners, giving more concrete examples. While little to nothing in this talk will be "new and groundbreaking" it should lead to a better understanding of how encrypted anonymizing networks can be subverted to reveal identities.

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