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Re: [tor-talk] Implement JSONP interface for check.torproject.org

On 11/6/11 6:06 AM, Jim wrote:
> Arturo Filastò wrote:
>> I have made a patch to check.torproject.org to expose a JSONP interface
>> that would allow people to have the user check client side if (s)he is
>> using Tor.
> Is encouraging Java Script a good idea?

a) Javascript is a de-facto Web Technology that you cannot live without
b) Tor Browser Bundle has Javascript enabled by default
c) Almost no website today can work with Javascript disabled
d) You cannot design any Web User Interface for use with Tor Hidden
Service without using Javascript (if you don't use javascript and
asynchronous IO the user-interface freeze very often giving the "White
Page effect")

So i would really encourage the use of smart Javascript in order to make
user interfaces more responsive and more usable with Tor and in
particular Tor HS.

That means also stopping mystification of "Javascript" like an
"insecurity feature", the world has changed, has become "web" and
javascript is part of the technological framework that we need to live with.

I absolutely like the idea of the JSONP interface, simple and effective.

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