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Re: [tor-talk] Implement JSONP interface for check.torproject.org

Excerpts from Jim's message of 2011-11-06 06:06:39 +0100:
> Arturo Filastà wrote:
> > I have made a patch to check.torproject.org to expose a JSONP interface
> > that would allow people to have the user check client side if (s)he is
> > using Tor.
> Is encouraging Java Script a good idea?

While I do like the idea, I agree with Jim here. How about this: 

Instead of serving JavaScript/JSONP, serving an image directly would make it
more compatible with some users' browser settings. A plain link to check.tp.o
or something similiar (geared more towards explaining what this is about
perhaps, instead of a simple check) could deal with the rest.

I just woke up but I'll submit a patch in a bit.


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