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[tor-talk] Tor + GPass

Dear Friends:


As an ongoing experiment with anonymiser tools I’m using Opera Tor and GPass (v. 3.1)  with Tor or Skype tunnels. I use Peerblock too.


I use Opera Tor with _javascript_s habilitated. The supposition is if the real IP is “leaked” by Java applications, Gpass will tunnel the leak and the IP will continue anonymous. Any other leak will be blocked by Peer block (with a list of IP numbers that are in use on Opera).


Are these assumptions correct?


Note that Gpass has only one exit node (ISP: Hurricane Electric Organization: Sophidea) with Tor tunnel and with Skype tunnel. Is it reliable?


According with the The World’s Gate, Inc:


“GPass integrates online security tools, encrypted storage, and personal data management tools into a single application and aims to be the best online companion for users under adverse Internet censorship conditions. Compared with traditional privacy and anti-censorship products, GPass's advantages include capabilities to support Web 2.0 websites, online multimedia, and communication tools such as email and instant messengers. More importantly, GPass effectively protects users’ privacy and online safety with a secure Internet access mechanism for their online transactions.”  And


“Enterprise Solution -  Provide custom systems for organizations that need to deliver contents to users in closed societies where the Internet is adversely censored. Our server and client software will bypass various organizational or national network censorship and provide secure anonymous Internet surfing.”


The software has Chinese and Farsi versions.


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