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Re: [tor-talk] What is tor used for?

On 03.11.2011 04:23, toruser@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> hello:
> i believe there is a real need for secure communications but as a new user
> to tor it seems the common entry points to the network are rife with
> criminal activity.
> the torproject website lists users as friends and family, military,
> business owners etc - use cases that make sense to me, but i've yet to
> find any stories or ancedontal evidence to suggest this is really the
> case.  instead i find core.onion linking to "adult" content that has
> little to do with adults and "market sites" that deal with illegal trade
> in weapons and drugs.
> so far it has me wondering if tor is really used for the humanitarian
> purposes the technology has the potential of aiding.  i would really
> appreciate hearing real stories and highlights of how has helped in the
> use cases torproject lists.
> toruser
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What is the 'criminal activity'? Do you think that the positive law is
an absolute sooth? And the existent social order are the most perfect as
it can be anywhere and anytime?!
Let's remember that the Inquisition burns thouthends people in the
strict accordance with the positive laws of that time. And the Nazi
killing millions people and detaineing them in concentration camps acted
in strict accordance with the legislation of former Nazi Germany.
I think that it doesn't need to be worry about formal legalty in the
modern World. Because that formal legalty is not a  fairness.
This I say to you, a person living in the country (Russia), in which
there is any justice in the actions of the authorities (Russian tyrant
Putin, his junta and their servants), who has long surpassed the cruelty
of Hitler and the Nazis.
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