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Re: [tor-talk] Tormail?

On 09/11/11 15:29, Rock Neurotiko wrote:

> Tormail have his own Webmail.
> And respect the security, C&P fron the TorMail web:
> #
> No emails or logs or anything important are stored on those servers,
> thus it doesn't matter if they are seized or shut down.
> We are prepared to quickly replace any relay that is taken offline for
> any reason.
> #

This is also exactly what somebody would say if they were running the
service as a honeypot. If TorMail is run by anonymous operators, then we
don't even have their reputations to rely on.

Are the operators really anonymous though? If you send an email from
TorMail to a GMail account for example, then it will contain the real
Internet IP address of a server which TorMail routes out from... Given
the IP address, it should be possible to discover the operator(s).

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