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Re: [tor-talk] Tor no longer works with win2K ??

andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 10:39:38AM +0000, my.green.lantern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 2.0K bytes in 50 lines about:
: Nov 10 10:17:10.093 [Warning] Warning from libevent: evsig_init:
: socketpair: Cannot assign requested address [WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL ]

Do you have antivirus or a firewall blocking localhost or ?

I think my previous response covers this.

I quote,

"Actually, I've now found out that the problem is not this warning, but is the ERROR part only.


Nov 10 10:17:10.093 [Error] Error from libevent: event.c:1413: Assertion base failed in event_base_get_method


The warnings ALL go away when I correct the localnet address of the hidden service. Only the above error line is then given. (CHANGES MADE FOR CLARITY)

So this is still a problem, the libvent event failure c:1413.

So is Tor supporting win2k still or not and is there a fix or work around to this problem?"

Can I get a reply from someone on the tor dev team about this ERROR (warning messages are solved) and whether or not Win2k is being supported now or not?

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