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Re: [tor-talk] Tormail?

On 10/11/11 09:56, tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On 10/11/11 03:30, Gozu-san wrote:
>>> ... If I were using TorMail, I'd do it under the assumption
>>> that they're archiving and reading every single email I send
>>> or receive through it. ...
>> That's a prudent assumption re all providers.
> It's quite different for non-anonymous providers. They are
> restricted by laws, and are held responsible for their
> actions, legally and commercially.

There are many laws, in many jurisdictions, and they're all open to

> If we don't even know where TorMail is hosted, we don't know
> what laws they're subject to, nor whether they're following
> them. And if they're caught doing something illegal, we can't
> track them down in order to hold them responsible.

That's all true.  But it doesn't speak to the inverse.

> If I were using GMail, I'd assume that they weren't reading
> my email, but would bare in mind that they could if they
> wanted to, or were compelled to by the US government.

AFAIK, all GMail is parsed for ad selection, and becomes available
through Google's internal search interface.  At least, that's the
prudent assumption.

> If I were using TorMail, I'd assume that they were reading
> my email.

We agree there.

> Your average TorMail account is probably much more likely
> to contain information of interest to hackers and
> governments than your average GMail account.

We agree there too.
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