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Re: [tor-talk] Manual selection of introduction nodes?

2011/11/7 slush <slush@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> is there any way how to configure which introduction points my hidden
> service will use?

+1 from me. Please bring this feature back.

It was possible with older versions but it was removed. The reason one
would like to do this is if you restart a hidden service server then
all the clients will be unable to connect for up to 15 minutes and I
suspect there still exists a bug that makes some clients totally
unable to ever connect the restarted HS again until the client itself
is restartedÂ.


Â) I have observed this strange behavior with TorChat (here the hidden
service is stopped and started along with the application), with this
kind of application it becomes very obvious. The problem got even
worse when I tried to switch all portable TorChat users from 0.2.1x to
0.2.2.x a year ago when 0.2.2.x was still unstable. Now I'm trying it
again with the 0.2.2.x branch, since yesterday the portable version of
TorChat is now bundled with, I hope this time it behaves
better. But even if it works now there are still these 15 minutes.
With the very early versions around 2007 I could just reuse the old
introduction points and could immediately reconnect within a few
seconds after the restart, I would very much appreciate to have this
feature back.
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