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Re: [tor-talk] Tor no longer works with win2K ??

On Nov 14, 2011, at 3:45 AM, Jim wrote:
> Since I don't run Microsoft software I have not paid a great deal of
> attention to the downloads the Tor Project offers for it.  So I went and
> took a look at your download pages to see what Anon Mus was talking
> about.  I see that for the bundles, you indicate the Microsoft Windows
> versions are for Windows 7, Vista, and XP but for the Expert package
> (should it really be called a bundle?) you also list other versions of
> the OS.   While I do not at all agree with the tone of some of his
> posts, I wonder if Anon Mus might not have a valid point about this.
> Perhaps on the Expert package for Windows a brief explanatory note
> should be added reflecting some of the discussion on this thread?
> Jim

Hey Jim,

your suggestion does indeed appear reasonable, and I had actually
prepared such an addition to the download page when we learned
that this bug is not windows 2000 specific at all. It can hit people who
use all versions of Windows, but by far doesn't hit most of them.

So it is in fact false that this is specifically a bug with support for
win2k, and rather it's a general bug that we're hoping to solve. We've
had some help from someone experiencing the issue, but details are still
a bit in the dark. Hopefully we'll have a patch out soon.

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