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[tor-talk] Tor on Kindle 3G?

Amazon offers free internet worldwide through their Kindle 3G
eReader/tablet (running some embedded Linux), however they proxy all
the 3G traffic through their servers. Apparently that means that even
if you try to establish a https connection to some server, it is
Amazon that establishes that secure connection on your behalf, and all
the traffic between you and the Amazon proxy can be easily monitored
by Amazon (which is probably what they are doing anyways). I would
like to ask if any of you has tried to deploy Tor on Kindle 3G. A more
general question is whether Tor can be easily deployed on embedded
linux devices (other than those running Android).
If to connect to the internet one is forced to use an untrusted proxy,
can Tor be of any help here? I.e. can Tor encrypt the data and hide
the final destination from the untrusted proxy while at the same time
having to pass the data through it?
hepta tor :-)
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