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Re: [tor-talk] Tor resolver DNSSEC RRs

On 29/11/11 14:35, Adam Langley wrote:

>> If the SSHFP RR type is added too, people who use OpenSSH with the
>> VerifyHostKeyDNS option can benefit from public key verification when
>> SSH'ing into a box for the first time, over Tor.
> (It's important to note that OpenSSH trusts the AD bit in the DNS
> reply. So, using it with Tor's DNS resolver assumes that Tor acts as a
> full, validating, DNSSEC resolver. It would likely be more expeditious
> to figure out a way have Unbound forward over Tor.)

Getting Tor to simply do the lookups would be a good start. Then people
will be able to stick a validating resolver between themselves and Tor.
At the moment, the only way to do this is to pick a server on the
Internet which supports recursive lookups, and point Unbound or similar
at that over Tor, forcing it to use TCP for all lookups.

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