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Re: [tor-talk] German police keylogger analysis (and the effects on Tor are....?)

On 10/16/2011 3:05 PM, Julian Yon wrote:
On 16/10/11 17:57, William Wrightman wrote:
When you have finished then you close the partition.  Now the
password is cleared from the RAM.

If you (or someone you ultimately trust) didn't write or audit the code
yourself then you are making a huge assumption there.


From what I've read in past (for Windows machines) & from software docs like True Crypt, data isn't kept in RAM indefinitely after powered off - for a while. Exactly HOW long it takes for RAM to clear, not sure (it wasn't hours & hours, from what I read).

If you're thinking the police might break down your door, I'd either stop doing anything remotely illegal where you are, or invest in REALLY strong, steel doors, & look into prgms specifically designed to overwrite / clear RAM.

If the computer was on & someone broke in, brought a power supply to keep machine(s) powered up until get them to a research lab, then I guess theoretically they could recover stuff from RAM as well.
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