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Re: [tor-talk] whats the very first connection initialized by tor at startup?

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 07:33:27AM +0000, fido dido wrote:
> so, if someone in my network, for example my ISP knows this "trusted_dir_authorities", he could route everey request to a lets say "virtual-tor-network"-server who handels all the traffic i do over tor, acts as everey node i think im connected to, acts as every entry and exit - every circuit...
> i mean that would be possible right? of course must be some complex programming but still...

No, that attack wouldn't work:

> who are this trusted_dir_authorities, servers set up by who?

There are eight of them, run by various Tor developers and other people
we know personally. You need to compromise or otherwise coopt a majority
of them before you can start tricking people about what the network
looks like.


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