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[tor-talk] Tor is out

Tor includes the fixes from, including a slight
tweak to Tor's TLS handshake that makes relays and bridges that run
this new version reachable from Iran again. It also fixes a few new
bugs in 0.2.3.x, and teaches relays to recognize when they're not
listed in the network consensus and republish.


Packages for 0.2.3.x aren't up yet, but hopefully they'll be up in a
few days.

Changes in version - 2011-09-13
  o Major bugfixes (also part of
    - Avoid an assertion failure when reloading a configuration with
      TrackExitHosts changes. Found and fixed by 'laruldan'. Fixes bug
      3923; bugfix on

  o Minor features (security, also part of
    - Check for replays of the public-key encrypted portion of an
      INTRODUCE1 cell, in addition to the current check for replays of
      the g^x value. This prevents a possible class of active attacks
      by an attacker who controls both an introduction point and a
      rendezvous point, and who uses the malleability of AES-CTR to
      alter the encrypted g^x portion of the INTRODUCE1 cell. We think
      that these attacks is infeasible (requiring the attacker to send
      on the order of zettabytes of altered cells in a short interval),
      but we'd rather block them off in case there are any classes of
      this attack that we missed. Reported by Willem Pinckaers.

  o Minor features (also part of
    - Adjust the expiration time on our SSL session certificates to
      better match SSL certs seen in the wild. Resolves ticket 4014.
    - Change the default required uptime for a relay to be accepted as
      a HSDir (hidden service directory) from 24 hours to 25 hours.
      Improves on; resolves ticket 2649.
    - Add a VoteOnHidServDirectoriesV2 config option to allow directory
      authorities to abstain from voting on assignment of the HSDir
      consensus flag. Related to bug 2649.
    - Update to the September 6 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.

  o Minor bugfixes (also part of
    - Demote the 'replay detected' log message emitted when a hidden
      service receives the same Diffie-Hellman public key in two different
      INTRODUCE2 cells to info level. A normal Tor client can cause that
      log message during its normal operation. Bugfix on;
      fixes part of bug 2442.
    - Demote the 'INTRODUCE2 cell is too {old,new}' log message to info
      level. There is nothing that a hidden service's operator can do
      to fix its clients' clocks. Bugfix on; fixes part
      of bug 2442.
    - Clarify a log message specifying the characters permitted in
      HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient client names. Previously, the log
      message said that "[A-Za-z0-9+-_]" were permitted; that could have
      given the impression that every ASCII character between "+" and "_"
      was permitted. Now we say "[A-Za-z0-9+_-]". Bugfix on

  o Build fixes (also part of
    - Clean up some code issues that prevented Tor from building on older
      BSDs. Fixes bug 3894; reported by "grarpamp".
    - Search for a platform-specific version of "ar" when cross-compiling.
      Should fix builds on iOS. Resolves bug 3909, found by Marco Bonetti.

  o Major bugfixes:
    - Fix a bug where the SocksPort option (for example) would get
      ignored and replaced by the default if a SocksListenAddress
      option was set. Bugfix on; fixes bug 3936. Fix by
      Fabian Keil.

  o Major features:
    - Relays now try regenerating and uploading their descriptor more
      frequently if they are not listed in the consensus, or if the
      version of their descriptor listed in the consensus is too
      old. This fix should prevent situations where a server declines
      to re-publish itself because it has done so too recently, even
      though the authorities decided not to list its recent-enough
      descriptor. Fix for bug 3327.

  o Minor features:
    - Relays now include a reason for regenerating their descriptors
      in an HTTP header when uploading to the authorities. This will
      make it easier to debug descriptor-upload issues in the future.
    - When starting as root and then changing our UID via the User
      control option, and we have a ControlSocket configured, make sure
      that the ControlSocket is owned by the same account that Tor will
      run under. Implements ticket 3421; fix by Jérémy Bobbio.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Abort if tor_vasprintf fails in connection_printf_to_buf (a
      utility function used in the control-port code). This shouldn't
      ever happen unless Tor is completely out of memory, but if it did
      happen and Tor somehow recovered from it, Tor could have sent a log
      message to a control port in the middle of a reply to a controller
      command. Fixes part of bug 3428; bugfix on
    - Make 'FetchUselessDescriptors' cause all descriptor types and
      all consensus types (including microdescriptors) to get fetched.
      Fixes bug 3851; bugfix on

  o Code refactoring:
    - Make a new "entry connection" struct as an internal subtype of "edge
      connection", to simplify the code and make exit connections smaller.

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