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> I compiled xarchon 0.50 this weekend and it is very nice!


> * First (and maybe not so important), the banner graphic on the web page
>   was done using a standard logo script for Gimp, and I've seen a couple
>   of pages using banners exactly equal (I can only remember
>   http://jmud.netpedia.net by now). I made a new one. If you like it,
>   use at will: http://www.dcc.unicamp.br/~guazzibe/xarchon.gif

Yes, it's very nice.  I already grabbed it!  :-)

> * The text on the field (fight) screen looks awful (jagged), maybe
>   you could look for some standard X fonts that scale nicely
>   on runtime (e.g.:utopia, charter)

Hmm!  Maybe...

> * The key customization dialog opens taller than my screen (1024x768),
>   it seems a Glade/Gtk bug. I took a look at your code, but I haven't
>   got Glade (I make Gtk+ programs with bare hands), and was afraid of
>   changing it directly. (Ah, my window manager is Window Maker 0.60).

Could you try Enlightenment and tell me if it makes a difference?

> * I never played the original archon (I knew archon through xarchon), and
>   it would be nice if you provided an HTML introduction to the game
>   (installed, say, in @prefix@/doc/xarchon) with names and powers of
>   each character.

Sure.  Next version!