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The Premier

Just received
Dear Ms Bowden 

Thank you for your message to the Premier.  Your message has been forwarded
to his office.

Pat McGill
For the Office of the Premier.

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> From:
Not as good as the address I have!

> [SMTP:The.Office.of.the.Premier@inetbws1.citec.com.au]
> Sent: Saturday, 12 August 2000 12:24 PM
> To:
> Subject: Premier's Feedback
>      Name:    Kerry Bowden
>      Email:   
>      Organisation:    Secret Women's Business
>      Position:    Manager
>      Street:    PO Box 595
>      City:    Annerley
>      State:    Queensland
>      Postcode:    4103
>      Message:    Premier 
> I have read your document CAPE YORK Partnerships- some practical ideas and
> think you are on the right track, so with this in mind and the fact that I
> said I would give the internet name
www.queenslandgovernment.com to
> someone when I found a human! I have decided you are human!!!
> As you know the site is aboriginal word for Kerry Bowden but it is
> inclined to get mistaken for your site name.
> The e-mail address ........@ queenslandgovernment.com is probably  more
> fitting for yourself, then me as I now have
> I am developing the Queeensland Indigenous Cottage Industries
> Network. All I would want in return for the domain name and e-mail address
> is a meeting with some of your people involved in the employment area for
> indigenous people. I have been approached by a group called Computerbank
> Australia  based in Victoria, a branch is just being started in Queensland
> who wish to find repair and donate computers to indigenous people I feel
> are suitable for the cottage industries project.
> I know this project will work. My background shows I do know what I am
> doing and have the support of some good people including Lew Wyvill Q.C.
> who wishes to be involved in this project.
> Regards
> Kerry Bowden O.A.M.