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[Computerbank] Todays updates:)

Well, folks, this is my last post as Branch Coordinator. As of tomorrow, there 
is a new dude as glorious leader (tm, pat.pend.)

Yep, Im a bit sad to be heading off into the sunset, but its time for a fresh 
victim *ahem* sorry, fresh person to step in, with new energy and ideas:) 

Im off to rest before the birth of my son sometime before/around the end of 

In case you think you'd be missing me (SUURRREEE!!), dont fret! 
I'll be hanging around, helping with the WFTD scheme (see below part 1), 
continuing development and content of the new web site (see below part 2) and 
playing software fool with the distro over the next few months, and generally 
helping where I can - in between looking after my growing family:)

The move to The Hut at Aldgate has commenced - more help is required, as are 
volunteers to staff the place during the week/weekend shifts - if you wish to 
be involved, contact the new branch coordinator, Shaun Branden, or David 

The new web site is now live, with a redirect in place from the old web site. 
Further details of announcements, and breaking news etc can be found there.

On a personal note, to sign off, I'd like to give a huge thanks to several 
peeps....(warning, self indulgent rant follows)

For all the work David Lloyd and Robyn Manning have put in in the last few 
months - really helping pull CAISA into new and positive directions, and yet 
still retaining original vision and intentions. 
Warm fuzzies and gratitude from me guys......

Over the last year, Peter Gossner has been an amazing source and fount of 
wisdom, warmth, and humour, and boundless effort and input - his work on East 
Timor should be recognised by us all as an amazing effort, but he has put in 
far more than that, on such a regular basis. 
Kudos and caffeine, Pete:)

Shaun and I havent always seen eye to eye (hehehe no kidding!), but I am 
firmly convinced he will be the best person to pick up the momentum that 
CAISA is gaining and progress this group further to new and glorious heights 
- and he makes a wicked tea. And he can be enormous fun to work with:) 
I really look forward to working with him in his new role as Branch 

The teenage crew - Dyl, Waan, and Andrew - you l33t dudes, many thanks for all 
your input and efforts. The future of IT is in good hands with you guys, 
despite your scary hAXX0r talk:)

Generally, to all the great volunteers and members, like Joseph, Dale, Don, 
Kylie, Shane, James, Hillary, Brian, Rob, Ian and so many others - you guys 
are amazing. Its your input, big and small, that really makes it all work.

To the recipients, who teach ,me so much with every encounter - all of it 
rewarding knowledge.

And finally - Jennifairy. This amazing woman leaps difficulties with a single 
bound, has amazing clarity of vision, cuts through bs with razor sharp wit 
and perception, and yet is still one of the warmest people I know. Possibly 
one of CAISA's great assets. For everything in CAISA, and so much more 
beyond, blessings on you and joy in life, may all you deserve come to you, 
and some hugs and chocolate on the side Jen:)))

thanks, signing off *sniff*, r:)
Romana Challans
Computerbank Australia Incorporated - SA Branch

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