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A little hints playing this game.

To attack ground enemys:
The artillerys has a shotrange of 6, which is long, second to the
railguns which have the longest shotrange, 7, while the scout and
torpedo boat has a shotrange of 2, and others 1.

To attack enemys in the air:
The Anti-millile and the carrier is most powerful, with a shotrange
of 6, and others, include heavy tanks, infantrys, hovercrafts, personnel
carriers, patrol boats, and anti-air tank, the shotrange is only 1.

Tatic hints:
Use your artillery well, it is the most valuable unit in this game,
they should not be sacrificed.

The infantry is the only unit capable of capturing citys, factorys,
camps, etc.

Watch the grade factor, better exprienced unit would be able to stand
longer under enemy`s fire, and make heavier punch.

If the carring unit is damaged, so do the carried units, usually.

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