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Re: [f-cpu] fadder forever

i'm starting the next 2 stages description and had no feedback from the F-team about my schematic :|, i hope it means "it's ok".
It especially about the delay pbl, i don't know if i handle it correctly... you know, if there is a mistake somewhere it
will "shift" everything...:(

gaetan@xeberon.net a écrit :

Hello F-boyz!

I'm still trying to include everything everyone told me in my work, and i'have drawn a figure with *everything* i will add (if it's not already existing).
For the moment i only have the two first stage, but you will see how i handle the work (i hope because it's a heavy schematic)...
I tried to respect the 6 gates delay limit the better i can.
If you want a more readable figure, i can draw another one.
The principe is the one described in the "rounding ... using a compound adder" paper (url: http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/bruguera98rounding.html), but with SIMD handling...
The other stage will follow the same scheme.

so, you can see if something will not work...



~~ Gaetan ~~

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