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Re: [f-cpu] fadder forever

!! there is a jpg version here !!
(and also in dxf, eps, fig and wmf in http://www.xeberon.net/temp/)

Michael Riepe a écrit :
i'm starting the next 2 stages description and had no feedback from the 
F-team about my schematic :|, i hope it means "it's ok".

No, it means "I still can't open it".  And before somebody suggests
that I install dia:  It requires GNOME 2, and I haven't installed
that either.
except xfig (i hate it) and dia (love it), i don't know other software to make schematics...
if you know any other software please tell me.

In short: please do not use non-standard file formats!


~~ Gaetan ~~