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[f-cpu] the main F-CPU page : still in development


I'm still working, from time to time, on a better layout for
the project's home page. It is looking a bit better now
and it might become effective sooner than i thougt.
Have a look at http://f-cpu.seul.org/essai.php
Some functions are not working, mainly the message board.
There's still a lot of work to do there, particularly because
i have never programmed with PHP before :-)

I'm also trying to make a page that downloads fast,
not only for the visitor, but also for the server which is
often highly loaded and hosts many other projects.
So i work on a system of caches for the dynamic parts
of the page, in case the affluence increases.
I don't want the server to die if it is slashdotted :-)

Please don't hesitate to help, i will probably leave the
page as is when most issues are solved, so i need feedback
concerning the contents and the presentation. What important
elements are missing, is it easy to navigate, do we need a CSS
and a cleaner HTML .....


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