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Re: RE : [f-cpu] Snapshot_jws update

hi !

seems this idea of a SW C simulator triggered
some interest. At least it will help people
better understand that VHDL is not an impossible

thanks for the getkeys trick, btw :-)

jaap stolk wrote:
> hi,
> thanks GerTom, i will try it ASAP.
> some info on my situation:
> i live +/- 100 km NE of amsterdam.
i live +/- 10km east from Paris...
But it seems that there is a lot of people around the
Benelux region, which is cool :-)

> this week has been a bit hectic ( my brothers
> wedding), but i played around with a simple
> scheduler/scoreboard this morning.
have a look at all the files provided in the YG snapshot,
it contains the rough algorithm for managin the slots.
it's not very clear but at least that's the idea.

> im 24 and a (nearly finished) electronics student.
> i'm running a w98/rh7.1) dual boot AMD 1200 now,
> and have little(non) experience with programming
> under linux.
fortunately i have a bit more experience with Linux
(i'm doing a customized Linux From Scratch distro,
after all the problems i had with the other commercial
distros) but i'm far from being a guru. i work on
the algorithms only and system programming makes
C programs non portable. and i hate C btw :-)

> however, i programmed for as long as my living memory,
> in gw/q-basic, lots of pascal and some c(++).
> that includes thinks like a 3D engine, a very
> useful "windows" simulator, in pascal, and also
> pascal mixed with assembler for thinks like as
> spectrum analyser and a (dos) multithreading server.
> (and 1001 other less useful thinks)

it seems that you have followed a path similar
to this of many other people (inc. me)... 

> all your responses are very helpful, and a will let
> you know more when i have read / tried it all.
i don't know yet, but i'll try to fix ASU and INC
whenever i can. then i'll try to find a solution
for the tests.

> sorry for the dos-text formatted files (and the capital
> "S" in my last upload). i somehow cant get my modem
> to work under linux ...
i know this symptom very well :-)

> is it ok if i convert the files to
> unidentified-unix using emacs ?
> what tab standard do you use ? (i prefer not to
> use tab's at all)
Michael is picky about his tabs but i indent with 2 spaces.

btw, http://f-cpu.seul.org/daCode/board/
is a meeting point where some of the F-CPU people chat
about things and else... it's active around 1AM (GMT) :-)

> jaap.
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